Friday, March 30, 2018

Peppa Pig and the Super Bowl

We had an early birthday party for Bridget on Super Bowl Sunday and had few friends over to eat tacos, watch the game, and celebrate Bridget's upcoming day in Peppa Pig style!

Red Glasses Movement

Our hearts were broken on 1/26 with the unexpected passing of our friend Audrey.  We have joined the Red Glasses Movement in her name.  We are living boldly, loving big, and passing the message on.

Brendan is 10!

10 years went by in the blink of an eye.  The best 10 years I can imagine.  I know everyone says, "How is it possible..." but really - how is it possible it's been 10 years since this wonder boy was born?  At 80lbs of mostly bones and muscle it's hard to remember that only 10 years ago this long, skinny bundle of perfection made me a mom!

Brendan woke up so excited to be 10!  He got to celebrate in the morning with donuts and presents with the whole family.  He was so excited with his new swim parka and basketball signed by Coach Izzo.  His favorite gifts came later in the day - a new bat and a revolution board.  Grandma and Grandpa Geary and Aunt Sheila same for the day to celebrate and we had the Acres and Delgados over for a taco dinner and Wally's ice cream pie.  It was a wonderful day celebrating the most wonderful boy!

The next day Grandma and Grandpa got to watch Brendan and the St Thecla Hawks win yet another basketball game - this time over his friends at Star of the Sea.

State Cut in the 500!

Brendan got his first state cut in the 500 at the Frost Fest meet at GPN!  He pushed so hard on those 20 laps and just about jumped out of the pool when he saw his time!!!  Holland here we come!

No Words Needed

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Year's Resolution 2018

My New Year's Resolution is to get back to blogging.  Life is flying by at an extreme pace and I miss having this blog to look back on and remember the wonderful little things that happen every day.  Things are too busy, too crazy, but also so great.

Brendan is almost 10.  He's smart, funny, kind, and athletic.  He loves school and has the best teacher this year who is really making him love school.  Learning comes easy to him and he loves to read in his bed at night.  What he REALLY loves is sports.  He swims year round and also plays soccer, basketball, and baseball.  He amazes us with his talent as well as how much hard work he is willing to put into his sports.  He is swimming 6.5 or more hours per week and is always happy about it no matter how hard the workout.  Brendan has the best group of friends and loves to be with them.  He also is the best brother to his sisters and the best helper to his parents.  Our Hollywood is one all around amazing guy.

Lainey is 7.5 going on 14.  She is our creative wonder - she can make anything into art and comes up with the most amazing creations.  She likes nothing more then to sit at her craft table and create.  (Well, she might like playing Roblocks on the iPad with her friends a little more...).  Lainey loves her friends and loves to play with them.  She has multiple best friends (BFF is really a tier of friendship, not a person) and is also a friend to every one she meets.  Lainey is doing tap and jazz with BFF Isabela this year, Catechism preparing for First Communion with BFF Emma, and swimming with  BFFs Isabela and Adrianna plus many more.  She amazed me in December by swimming two 100 yard events in her first year of swimming and doing great!  Lainey used to sparkle wherever she went as she was always dressed in glitter but she has gone a more "comfortable" route with her clothes lately - better to hang upside-down from her trapeze in the basement!  Lainey loves to hang out with Brendan and watch their favorite TV shows and play ohm their devices together.  Lainey is also amazing with Bridget and often chooses to read to Bridgie for her reading homework.  

Bridgie is a delight.  I can not believe it has been almost 3 years since she made us a 5-some.  She is so snuggly and funny and CRAZY!  She loves to jump off of anything.  She is taking dance class on Thursdays and just loves it - tap, ballet, and tumble.  She loves all kids but is really very shy around new people or crowds of people.  She loves to sing and her memory for songs is unbelievable.  She spends her days asking Alexa to play her favorite songs and singing along while jumping around and off of things.  She very recently got a big girl bed and also potty trained.  She was the easiest of the three to potty train - I kind of can't believe how easy it was after the first 2 days.  The poor girl spends much of her time in the car driving her siblings to their events or at those events herself.  She is a first rate cheerleader (she yells "Hollywood!  Hollywood!" every time we cheer for Brendan).  She loves all things Peppa Pig right now and plays with her Peppa toys all the time.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last Time Nursing

I'm silently crying right now.  I just nursed Bridget for the last time and my heart hurts.  Yes, I know it is past time to wean her; I know she is 19 months old today; I know she will be fine.  But my baby is becoming my child right before my eyes and I just want to press pause and revel in her baby-ness a little (ok a LOT) longer.

I have been her most favorite thing for the past 19 months.  She never wanted to pacifier (and I bought every single one they make trying to change her mind) and she stopped taking bottles at about 5 months old.  "Boob" was one of her first, and most clear, words.  She looked for me for food sure but more for comfort.  At times it was hard but mostly it was lovely.  And I am going to miss my time with my Bridgie.

I want to REMEMBER.  I want to remember the weight of her in my arms when she fully relaxed and then fell asleep.  I want to remember the quiet sucking and swallowing sounds that so often put me to sleep.  She loved to hold my ear or her own ear  - she pushes my head to the side and grabs a death hold on my ear folding it uncomfortably in half and rubbing it.  I want to remember how she could find my nipple with her eyes closed and from the time she was born until tonight she makes a little chomping sound as she latches on.  I want to remember how her feet kick, how she loves her cheek rubbed, how she locks eyes with mine.  I want to remember her (totally annoying) love of switching sides - she never wanted to stay on one side for long and would switch back and forth sometimes 10 times in a nursing session.  I want to remember her as a tiny thing sleeping in my arms in our bed at night and how I would wake up not to her crying but to her head butting my boobs.  I sometimes want to forget how she would head butt my chest while screaming 'BOOB" in public when she was older.

It's going to be a really hard few days coming up.  Bridgie has no desire to be weaned.  But I think it is time and I know we will both me OK.  

"I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be"